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Суретші қажет

Суретші қажет

2D, 3D анимация туралы білетін. 2D редакторында модельдеу дағдылары

Қойылатын талаптар: графикалық бағдарламаларды білу, сурет салу қабілеті.

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The mosque

The mosque was built in 2019 and is currently located at the intersection of Goethe, Y. Altynsarin and I. Kutpanov streets, in the old district of the city. In this project, we used a monochrome uncontrolled floodlight in combination with a warm white light. The architectural lighting of the mosque allows emphasizing the original building architecture at night, but at the same time maintains the aesthetics and shines out amid the neighboring buildings.


Новая мечеть в г. Нур-Султан

Мечеть расположена в районе пересечения улиц Гете, Ы.Алтынсарина и И.Кутпанова, была построена в 2019 году, в старом районе города.

В данном проекте мы применили прожекторное освещение монохромного неуправляемого типа, в сочетании тепло-белого света. Архитектурное освещение мечети позволяет в ночное время суток подчеркнуть оригинальную архитектуру здания, при этом сохранив эстетику и ярко выделив мечеть на фоне соседствующих зданий.


Housing Estate "Highvill"


Housing Estate "Highvill" - is a large housing complex consisting of 7 blocks, located at the intersection of Baitursynov and Saraishyk streets. This housing complex has an advanced internal infrastructure. The facility is located in the new center of the right bank and refers to the Almaty region. The advantage of this estate is its location close to the main city attractions.


The Promenade

The calling card of the capital is the Esil Riverside. As you walk along the beautiful promenade it is not difficult to understand why this place has become such a draw to citizens. A lot of beautiful housing estates are located along the promenade. Pursuant to the architectural style of the building, it was decided to perform a floodlight lighting. The lighting was made to create a greater sense of place and enhance the experience for people using the amenities. The project includes 17 houses.


Hotel complex Duman

Hotel complex Duman

The hotel complex "Duman" is located on the left bank of the Ishim River, in the vicinity of the Central City Park, 15 km from Nur-Sultan International Airport and consists of 18 storeys. Its total area is more than 44000 sq.m.


Hypermarket KenMart

Hypermarket KenMart

Hypermarket «KenMart» was opened in 2012. It is the largest hypermarket in the Astana city, located in one of Astana-Karaganda major national highways. The hypermarket has an area of more than 11,500 sq.m.



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